Bastien Nony

Bastien Nony

PhD Student

I am a PhD student in Toulouse interested in machine learning applied to environmental problems. My research activities focus on statistical modelling of plume transport in complex urban environment. I work under the supervision of Mélanie Rochoux, Didier Lucor and Thomas Jaravel. My PhD thesis started in October 2019 in collaboration with CERFACS and LISN (CNRS/University of Orsay). I graduated from INSA Toulouse in applied mathematics and hold a MSc in Probability and Statistics (University Toulouse III Paul Sabatier). In addition to my research activities, I am interested in the ethical issues that arise from the use of artificial intelligence to address societal challenges. I attended two years of undergraduate studies in philosophy and sociology at the University Toulouse II Jean Jaurès.

Conference papers and abstracts

HARMO, 2021, Compound parametric metamodelling of large-eddy simulations for microscale atmospheric dispersion. PDF, Slides
MascotNum Annual Conference, 2021, Metamodelling for micro-scale atmospheric pollutant dispersion large-eddy simulation. Abstract

Probability & statistics (INSA/2MIC)

Conditional probability, independence, random variables, limit theorems and introduction to estimation theory.

Markov Chains (INSA/3MIC)

Introduction to Markov chains classification, invariant probability measures and convergence theorems.

Numerical Analysis & Optimization (INSA/3MIC)

Introduction to scientific computing with Python for numerical analysis and optimization. Support material.

Bastien Nony
PhD Student
CECI, CERFACS-CNRS - Climate, Environment, Coupling & Uncertainties
42 avenue Gaspard Coriolis, Toulouse, France
(+33) 5 61 19 31 27 |

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